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Pre-Recorded and On Demand


A new movement break is released daily during Camp Kinder Weekend so that you can pause your learning and take 15-20 minutes to refresh and energize whenever you need to.

Movement breaks are rooted in positivity and FUN!

Each session is 15-20 minutes and available on demand.

Workouts are appropriate for all fitness levels.



Mel is honoured to be providing a movement break at Camp Kinder in 2023. She will be bringing The Movement’s Release class: a choreographed movement class, with a little extra flare. It is a time for you to find how movement and music flow through you. To allow your nervous system to regulate, and your soul to ignite. Your mind can let go and allow you to just be you, in every essence. The best part, you are the driver so all you have to do is listen to what your being is telling you.

This is Mel. In society one would call her a wife, moderately average mother to three tiny humans, recovering perfectionist, and leggings enthusiast. However, that is all surface level, and she cannot wait to connect and dive into what makes us truly us. So for now, she is human. She is flawed. She is growing. She is on a journey for her.
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The Movement was started out of a burning desire to make a shift in how we view movement in the health + wellness world. A movement away from aesthetics and numbers to that of vitality + life. A place where we see our being as whole – body, mind + soul – not a compartmentalized vessel, and therefore we move each area of our being with love and intention. You see, we only get one body, and through her own struggles she has learned that we need to take care of our entire being in order for us to be whole and well.

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This movement break is a celebration of you and your incredible creativity! Join Creativity Coach & Yoga teacher, Meghan Johnston for a feel good yoga practice exploring your creative rhythms. Our practice will include gentle movement, breath work and a grounding meditation to help you connect with the incomparable magic that is inside of you. All you need is your beautiful self, but it might be nice to have a blanket and a journal nearby.

Meghan is passionate about creating spaces that support in connecting in our hearts and all the wisdom that lives within. Through her coaching, podcast, speaking and yoga teaching, she helps creative people get out of their heads and into their hearts, so they can shine brighter. Meghan delivers powerful content that inspires by drawing on over 10 years of teaching Yoga and Meditation, her training as a Beautiful You Life Coach and her experience working in higher education.

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Join KeepFit Women Toronto’s Head Coach Holly for 15 minutes of functional movement! Using your own bodyweight as resistance, we will build strength and get the blood pumping in this super effective, high energy, and fun movement break. This break is perfect for all fitness levels and abilities. Please feel free to bring a chair as there will be a ton of options provided. Get ready to feel great!

Holly is the Owner and Head Coach of KeepFit Women Toronto; a business that specializes in whole body health and fitness for women. KeepFit Women brings together sustainable fitness practices, nutrition education, mindset coaching and community to serve women in the Greater Toronto Area. Prior to this role, Holly spent 10 years working in the corporate world in a senior leadership position at the largest fitness company in Canada. Holly has had the opportunity to travel across the country, training teams of fitness professionals working on the ground level in the areas of group fitness, personal training, and club management. 

Holly has merged her love of fitness, education, and entrepreneurship at Centennial College in Scarborough, ON where she teaches a variety of courses as a part-time faculty member. Holly is an eternal student, with multiple diplomas, degrees, and certifications in several areas of study including the social sciences, fitness, nutrition, and marketing. She loves to educate, inspire, and encourage her students, employees, and clients to pursue their passions and reach beyond what they believe to be possible in all areas of their lives.

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Camp Kinder 2023 is a 3-day virtual event rooted in connection, learning and fun. Take a look at our event at a glance:


  • 10 Workshops
  • LIVE Morning Welcome Meeting
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  • Movement Break
  • Moderated Camper Chat
  • Campfire Kick-Off Party


  • 10 Workshops
  • LIVE Morning Meditation
  • LIVE Craft Corner
  • Movement Break 
  • Moderated Camper Connection Chat
  • LIVE QnA Panel


  • 10 Workshops
  • LIVE QnA Panel
  • LIVE Yoga
  • Movement Break
  • Moderated Campfire Connection Chat
  • Closing Campfire Party

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