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Welcome to Camp Kinder, where the virtual sky is always blue and the professional development is always on point.

Camp Kinder 2023 kicks off on July 21st. Join us for an incredible weekend of learning connection and fun.



Camp Kinder is a virtual conference for Canadian Educators.

With over 30 workshops from passionate educators across the nation, there is something for everyone! Plus, the Camp Kinder weekend includes super fun live events, giveaways, games and countless freebies this is the event of the summer.

The last few years have been rough. Okay.. the last few years have been BRUTAL and the PD you’ve been forced to sit through has been the opposite of helpful. It’s probably felt like a waste of time and been totally out of touch.

That’s why we invented Camp Kinder. 

This is the PD you’ve been waiting for.

With practical information you can implement into your real-life classroom, Camp Kinder sessions are created for you, by educators like you. Educators who walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Camp Kinder is more than a conference. It’s a community of support, inspiration and friendship for educators across the country. With weekly connection challenges and prompts online, we are going to build up a support network you can count on – and laugh with, when you need it most!



Join us for a weekend of learning, connection and fun.

Camp Kinder 2023 is coming back bigger and better than ever before. 

From incredible workshops to fabulous live events and pre-recorded “just for fun” sessions to boot, Camp Kinder 2023 is the event of the summer.

We can’t wait to see you there!


30 Pre-Recorded Workshops

CK23 has more workshops than ever before that are filled with realistic and engaging strategies to bring back to your classroom.

12 Live Events

With 3 QnA Panels to answer your burning questions, moderated camper connection chat times, campfire parties, yoga, crafting and more this weekend is maxed on fun.

“I want to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful opportunity for educators to further their learning and their practice.

 I watched every single workshop and learned so much even though I’ve been teaching for over 10 years! I mean it when I said you should really consider a real campground workshop so that some of us can escape our homes, meet new ppl and eat real s’mores on a real campfire!


Kindergarten Teacher, Guelph, Ontario


Camp Kinder 2023 is a 3-day virtual event rooted in connection, learning and fun. Take a look at our event at a glance:


  • 10 Workshops
  • LIVE Morning Welcome Meeting
  • LIVE QnA Panel
  • Movement Break
  • Moderated Camper Chat
  • Campfire Kick-Off Party


  • 10 Workshops
  • LIVE Morning Meditation
  • LIVE Craft Corner
  • Movement Break 
  • Moderated Camper Connection Chat
  • LIVE QnA Panel


  • 10 Workshops
  • LIVE QnA Panel
  • LIVE Yoga
  • Movement Break
  • Moderated Campfire Connection Chat
  • Closing Campfire Party


 Meet the team who makes it all happen behind the scenes and hard at work making Camp Kinder the PD of your dreams.


Kindergarten Specialist turned curriculum writer and business owner, Mariah is the CEO and Founder of Camp Kinder.


Bilingual Early Childhood Educator with a flair for thrifting and upcycling, Liz is the merch queen who makes the best camp swag.


Making magic happen with outreach and sponsorship, Anna rocks making connections and building our community.

"These plans had been burning inside me for two years and I finally realized that this was too good to keep to myself any longer"

Oh hey! I'm Mariah, Founder of Camp Kinder and I'm here with the story.
In March 2020 I was co-chairing the OCETFO (Ottawa-Carleton Elementary Teacher's Foundation of Ontario) annual PD Day and organizing an amazing day filled with learning for kindergarten teachers in my school board. Well, we all know what happened in March 2020 that put this big plan to a grinding stop.
Since then I couldn't get the idea out of my head. The plans had been burning inside me for over two years and I finally realized that this was too good to keep to myself any longer and Camp Kinder was born. I knew I couldn't do it alone, and I am extremely honoured to be creating this amazing event alongside so many outstanding educators and small businesses. Camp Kinder 2022 was absolutely incredible 435 educators came together for a weekend that stayed true to the pillars of Camp Kinder: Learning, Connection and Fun.
The 2022 Campers proved that this is PD you have been wishing you were attending when you are bored out of your mind listening to the same workshop you've been in year after year. With more than 30 practical and inspiring workshops, you will leave Camp feeling excited and ready to take on the new school year.
Camp Kinder 2023 is coming back bigger and better than ever and I can't wait to fling open the doors and get started.
I want you to re-ignite your love of kindergarten again, feel empowered and excited about your job and make friendships with educators across the country. So, I created the place to do it.
Plus, who doesn't want to go to camp?


CEO A Playful Purpose: Learning for Littles Inc.

Founder Camp Kinder


30 incredible pre-recorded sessions for educators, by educators.


Ready to join us at Camp Kinder? Say no more! We’d love to have you.


Get moving to re-energize throughout CK23 Weekend.

This summer, say goodbye to the boring PD of your past.


30 virtual workshops by passionate educators across Canada + a weekend of fun live events & games! Practical sessions created for educators, BY educators.


The party starts on July 21st with a kick-off event and the first day of pre-recorded workshops. New workshops will be added on July 22nd and 23rd with amazing live events all weekend.


Log into the virtual event from the comfort of your favourite summer spot. Meet up with a friend and watch the sessions together, or make a new friend by chatting in our exclusive Facebook group!

This PD is for educators like you, by educators like you.

Have a question about Camp Kinder?

Most local unions have funds you can access for PD opportunities. At the end of the conference you will be given a certificate of completion that you can submit with your receipt. Please check with your individual local or school board for full criteria to see if Camp Kinder applies.

Yes! Everyone is welcome. Out of the 24 sessions, less than 5 have a truly “kindergarten” focus so you will have plenty of amazing workshops to choose from!

Camp Kinder workshops open on July 23rd. Twelve will be released on Saturday, and 12 new workshops on Sunday. Included in your registration is access to Camp Kinder until July 31st! Need more time? Awesome! There’s an option to extend your access after July 31st. Click here to learn more about Extended Access.

Totally! All of the workshops will be pre-recorded. The lives are a place to have fun and connect, but you can chat and bond with presenters and other campers in our community Facebook group. You can also win some of the prizes there. There are over 500$ worth of prizes to be won!

Yes! Camp Kinder is an excellent addition to your teaching portfolio or resume. You will be granted a certificate at the end of the weekend that you can print out and include in your files. 

We have a balance of educators presenting who teach in French and in English. While the workshops will be offered in English, the content will be applicable to kindergarten educators regardless of language of instruction. *The exception being Amy’s workshop which has a French focus.

All of them! Unlike in person PD, you don’t need to pick and choose your workshops! Your registration fee includes access until July 31st and then you can extend to a monthly park pass.

Our workshop schedule for 2023 will be released in January 2023!

Welcome! We Canadians are very friendly and would love to welcome you to camp. The presenter team is 100% Canadian, but we won’t be referencing specific curriculum or programs since they vary province to province. Check out the workshop descriptions and if you are interested in them, please join us!

First of all, KUDOS for showing such passion and interest in your field all ready. The education world is SO lucky to have you. You are more than welcome to attend- and we offer a student discount. Send an email to with proof of enrolment and she’ll give you our student discount code. See you at Camp!!

If at any point before July 22nd you feel Camp Kinder is no longer a fit for you we will issue you a full discount- no questions asked. Due to the nature of the conference, once the content is live we will be unable to issue refunds.

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