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Join us for a weekend of learning, connection and fun.

Camp Kinder 2023 is coming back bigger and better than ever before. 

From incredible workshops to fabulous live events and pre-recorded “just for fun” sessions to boot, Camp Kinder 2023 is the event of the summer.

We can’t wait to see you there!


30 Pre-Recorded Workshops

CK23 has more workshops than ever before that are filled with realistic and engaging strategies to bring back to your classroom.

12 Live Events

With 3 QnA Panels to answer your burning questions, moderated camper connection chat times, campfire parties, yoga, crafting and more this weekend is maxed on fun.




Camp Kinder is not your typical PD. It’s a virtual conference for Canadian Educators that’s all about real-life, practical solutions to help you succeed in the classroom.

With 30 workshops led by passionate educators from coast to coast, your teaching game is about to sky rocket. But that’s not all – the Camp Kinder is back bigger and better than ever with 12 super fun live events, daily movement breaks, giveaways, games, and countless freebies. It’s truly the event of the summer for elementary educators that you won’t want to miss!

Let’s face it – the last few years have been brutal. The PD you’ve been forced to sit through has been the opposite of helpful. But with Camp Kinder, you finally get the PD you’ve been waiting for.

Our sessions are created by educators like you, who know what it takes to succeed in today’s classrooms. You’ll get practical information that you can use right away.

But Camp Kinder is more than just a conference. It’s a community of support, inspiration, and friendship for educators across the country. We’re here to build up a support network you can count on – and laugh with – when you need it most!

Your registration fee gives you access from July 21-28, with the live events happening between July 21-23. And if you need more time, don’t worry! When you register, you can sign up for extended access and keep the learning going at your own pace.

Join us at Camp Kinder and discover what real PD looks like.








Want more time to enjoy Camp Kinder? No problem! When you register, you’ll have access to the Campground and all 30 workshops until July 28th. And, if you want even more time to dive deeper into your learning, you can add an extended pass at checkout for a low fee. It’s a stress-free way to keep the inspiration flowing all year long!




Camp Kinder runs July 21-23rd, 2023. Need more time? You can hang out in the Campground until July 28th and have the option to extend your access!

Friday, july 21

Day One

Camp Kinder is BACK!

SATUrday, july 22

Day Two

The fun continues!

Sunday, July 24

Day Three

NEW for 2023! An extra day of learning.




The weekend is jam-packed with games, giveaways, and plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow educators from across the country. Start your Friday morning off right with a fun-filled morning meeting, and join us again later in the day for the Campfire Kickoff party, where you can win amazing prizes and play games with your fellow campers. Finally, close out the weekend with a bang at the Closing Campfire party, where we’ll celebrate the memories we’ve made. Replays will be uploaded after the live events.


Jessie is leading a playful “Camp Kinder” style yoga practice that’s perfect for all levels. Let go of stress and tension as you roll, shake, and move with self-compassion. There will be plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself with movement invitations throughout the practice. Bring your camp swag and meet us on the mat! Replay will be uploaded after the live event.


It’s time to unleash your creativity and have some fun! Join Liz in the Craft Corner for a one-hour live crafting session where you’ll get to make something special just for you. We can’t reveal the exact craft just yet, but we promise it will be trendy and totally Instagram-worthy! A supply sheet will be provided in advance, so you can gather everything you need to make this project a success. Replay will be uploaded after the live event.


Ready to get your blood pumping? Join KeepFit Women Toronto’s Head Coach Holly for 15 minutes of functional movement that’s perfect for all fitness levels. Using only your bodyweight as resistance, this high-energy movement break will leave you feeling strong and invigorated. Don’t forget to bring a chair for extra support! Pre-recorded and available on demand.


Join Creativity Coach & Yoga Teacher, Meghan Johnston for a yoga practice that will help you connect with your creative rhythms. This feel-good practice includes gentle movement, breath work, and meditation to help you tap into your inner magic. All you need is yourself, but bring a blanket and journal for extra comfort. Pre-recorded and available on demand.


Get ready to move and groove with Mel at Camp Kinder 2023! Mel’s bringing The Movement’s Release class: a choreographed movement session that allows you to find your own flow. Let your nervous system regulate and your soul ignite with this fun and empowering movement break. You’re the driver, so let your body tell you where to go! Pre-recorded and available on demand.


Join Registered Social Worker and therapist, Jessica Shewbridge, in an interactive discussion on mindfulness. Learn about the science behind mindfulness, its power over how we feel, and techniques to harness your breath and five senses to create a sense of peace and calm anytime, anywhere. Build your resiliency and avoid burnout with this empowering workshop. Replay will be uploaded after the live event.


Connect with your fellow campers and build a cross-Canada support network in our moderated and inclusive space with the TAPP team. Participate by video, audio, or typing and foster new friendships while enjoying the Camp Kinder community.


Get ready to have your burning questions answered by a diverse and knowledgeable panel of experts. Our three live Q&A sessions will leave you feeling inspired and equipped with new strategies to implement in your own classroom. The panels are divided into three categories: Community & Inclusion, Ask Us Anything (General Questions) and Special Education. Replays will be uploaded after the live events!

Jessie is leading a playful “Camp Kinder” style yoga practice that’s perfect for all levels. Let go of stress and tension as you roll, shake, and move with self-compassion. There will be plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself with movement invitations throughout the practice. Bring your camp swag and meet us on the mat! Replay will be uploaded after the live event.



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Refund policy in effect until july 20, 2023

The first 150 registrants will get the CK23 Friendship Bracelet mailed to them! These bracelets are exclusive to the first 150 and not available anywhere else.


"Camp Kinder was the best PD I've had in a long time.

I enjoyed learning from others (not just the presenters), I took so many notes, and I loved connecting with other educators from all over. The live events were a lot of fun on top of it all!”

Kindergarten Teacher, Fergus, Ontario

"Camp Kinder is a wonderful online professional development experience!

Full of workshops, learning and fun with a supportive community of passionate educators. All of it from the comfort of your own home. The flexibility to attend the workshops of your choice on your own time is amazing for busy professionals and parents. Thank you for the unique experience. I am already excited for next year!”

Kindergarten Teacher, McGregor, Ontario



“Music in the Primary Classroom” is designed for Primary educators who find it challenging to incorporate, plan and assess music curriculum in their classrooms. Often times music is left on the sidelines and is at times out of educators comfort zones as mainstream subjects take the focus. This doesn’t mean you can’t provide ample opportunity for your students to learn and engage in music regularly! With or without instruments or the music degree, you will learn how to incorporate music across various subjects which includes ideas on how to plan and assess! 


Studies show that 62% of 2SLGBTQIA+ students in Canada feel unsafe at school (Peter et al., 2021). We want our classrooms to be safer spaces, but what does that look like in primary and French Immersion classrooms? Like in many language classrooms, this session will start with an introduction to some vocab. Then, with real classroom examples, we’ll examine ways to make our learning spaces safer for 2SLGBTQIA+ students, taking into consideration language, decor, resources, and more. Finally, participants will walk away with opportunities for further learning and ideas for making their classrooms more queer-inclusive.


Educators are passionate about creating classroom spaces that affirm and promote students’ sense of belonging and well-being. The classroom environment is integral to building students’ confidence and independence throughout the school year, and educators must ensure that it fits the needs of everyone in the classroom.

 Whether you are a veteran or a first-time kindergarten educator, classroom setup can be a stressful task! However, I will provide you with ideas, reflections and solutions to make you feel confident that you are setting up a space that is responsive to all your students.


Let’s be honest, sometimes French teaching gets a bad rap and we, as educators, often have to work a little harder to win over our students. Never fear- Madame Amy of 123 Petits Pas is here to help save you time and effort in making French learning fun. Through movement games, mystery, laughter, and song, you’ll leave this workshop with new and engaging French teaching tricks up your sleeves. The goal? Your students see French learning for what it is: a means of communication while we play & interact with others! 


So you got your dream job in kindergarten (or were thrown in) and now you’ve got to not only balance 4 and 5 year olds and their relationships but you’ve got a team of educators to work with too. Working as team of like minded caring adults who all have the same goal- can be the best experience but also can bring along with it a unique set of challenges. As someone who has taught in 7 different educators teams within the kindergarten program as well as in a team as a teacher in an ACE program, I’ve seen, heard and experienced the wide range that comes with these relationships. Let’s have a real conversation about how to navigate these relationships. It took me a while, but you do not have to be best friends with your teaching team to be a strong and positive team for your students. And if you are lucky enough to find bestie- you hit the jackpot. Let’s talk about how to compromise, listen, and work with all different types of people, while not loosing yourself, your passions or your sparkle. 

Avery + Alannah

Are your students melting down when they don’t get a turn? Do you find yourself yelling more than you’d like to? Are you emotionally drained at the end of the day because of all the tears, arguments, and students who NEED to hold your hand at all times? Teaching this generation of post-covid students is not for the faint of heart. If you have ever felt like a growing portion of your teaching time is spent on managing the emotional regulation of students- this workshop is for you! Humbly, and with a curious lens on big behaviour, Avery and Alannah will share with you 5 tools and strategies that may help bring calm to some of the biggest emotional storms.


Come and learn how to audit your classroom materials and books and create the inclusive classroom you crave. Breyen will take you step by step through how to source books that represent a variety of cultures, genders and abilities (without breaking the bank!). She will provide a book list, art materials list and simple lesson plans so you can leave the workshop feeling prepared and confident to take action. Who’s ready to embrace diversity in their classroom? Let’s do this!


What may look like standard furniture or a “home area” in a kindergarten classroom is really a canvas for a world of possibilities. The dramatic centre is an open-ended space and inclusive for all children with varying language and developmental levels. This workshop will challenge you to see creativity through the imagination of a 4/5-year-old child. The dramatic area in most kindergarten classes takes up a large area of the classroom, however, it is sometimes ignored or forgotten about with the number of other learning areas and priorities happening in a Full Day Kindergarten Classroom. This workshop is intended for kindergarten teachers looking for new inspiration by using the dramatic area space that won’t take a ton of time or resources. We as educators might be missing out on observing, documenting and assessing key learning that is happening while students are engaged in pretend play. You will leave with a better understanding of the benefits of dramatic play, and how to use pretend play and the dramatic area as a tool for assessment of the Four Frames. Most importantly, I hope you leave with a fresh perspective on how to turn your standard “play furniture” into a world of endless possibilities to encourage students’ ideas, interests and learning.    


Connection: it’s the driving force behind fulfilled days and at the heart of every successful classroom management system. In this session, we will explore the background of community circles and see firsthand why they are an asset to every primary program. You will leave this workshop with an actionable framework & fabulous, free tools, to give you the confidence to introduce what is sure to become your new favourite routine.


Are you an educator looking to bring storytelling, movement and relaxation to your students? This workshop will provide you with strategies and tools to bring to your classroom to improve attention, self-regulation, emotional resilience and adaptability while bringing calmness and compassion to have your students be healthier and happier!


Is communication not your strong suit? Wish you could create more impactful relationships with the families of your students? Does imposter syndrome affect how you present yourself to parents and guardians? Then this workshop is for you! Jasmine will share all her knowledge on what a healthy parent/guardian relationship looks like, why they are so crucial to your success in the classroom, and how to go about establishing these thriving relationships that can change how you feel & perform as an educator entirely! 


Does it make sense to brush our teeth for four hours every Sunday? Or is it something we should be doing twice daily? Our mental health is no different. This presentation will discuss common factors that lead to burnout but more importantly, how to avoid it all together.


Are you wondering how to set up and run learning centres in your Kindergarten classroom? Using centres already, but looking for new ideas? Jill will guide you on what type of centres could work for you, how to set them up, and how to adapt to your students’ needs. She will cover ideas for making groups, managing behaviour, and fostering independence. Jill will also give you some simple centre ideas, minimizing planning & prep time.


Not sure what to pack in your Wonder Wagon? Don’t worry, Kat has done all the work for you. Join her, as she shares her list of must have materials for outdoor education adventures. Kat will point you in the right direction to source everything you need. She will help you shop at home and around your classroom, as well as provide links and sources where you can purchase materials.


Do you ever have that student who has sudden outbursts and are unsure how to handle it? Join Kate as she dives into some strategies on how to effectively deal with these outbursts. You’ll walk away with some specific tips and strategies to implement right away. Kate will have you feeling prepared and ready to deal with any outbursts that the new school year may bring to your room!


Feel stressed and overwhelmed about being evaluated? Tossing and turning, losing sleep thinking about preparing for the lesson that your administrator will observe? Katie will walk through how to set yourself up for success for your next Teaching Performance Appraisal. This session will provide tips on what type of lesson to showcase, a guide for documentation to have ready for your meetings with your administrator and advice on how to prepare your students. We know evaluations can make us all a nervous wreck, be sure to tune in to Rock your Teacher Performance Appraisal! 


Do your little learners arrive to school not speaking French? Do you find yourself defaulting to English most of the day? Believe it or not, it IS possible to speak to them in French 100% of the time! Be prepared to be awed by your learners’ progress from no French to having short conversations before the year is over! Join Kelly to learn the simple strategies that she uses to support the children and their families in a fully French play-based learning environment as they reclaim the Francophone language and heritage that has been lost to them over many generations. Start your year off with a brand new perspective, intention and the confidence to have your French immersion and French students speaking en français- regardless of their starting knowledge.


In this workshop, you will learn why students with ASD require visuals and you will learn how to make your classroom a place where students on the Autism spectrum can thrive. You will learn some tricks and tips to make lessons and activities more accessible to students on the spectrum. This will, in turn, help all your students thrive as well. This workshop is applicable for Teachers, ECEs and EAs who work in general education and/or special education K-2 classrooms. 


Have you ever considered how to take your learning outside the classroom walls? There are so many ways we can infuse mathematical learning while exploring in nature. First, let’s talk about some core routines of playing and learning outside to lay the foundation of an outdoor classroom. Next, we can look at some examples of how our primary class uncovered several math concepts through their own personal inquiries and investigations – from learning how to identify plants by noticing patterns to learning to measure the pitch and intensity of a bird song. 


Struggling to find a daily routine with your class that feels like it just works? When your flow of the day is off, everything feels off. Constantly racing against the clock, filling gaps in your day, rushing transitions and noticing your students aren’t regulating effectively are all signs that adjustment is needed. Your schedule needs to work for you – not against you, and this workshop will help you start the year off with a solid weekly schedule and daily routine that feels good, makes sense and helps the days go by faster! Join Mariah from A Playful Purpose: Learning for Littles Inc. to discover how to map out, plan, test, and adapt your kindergarten schedule so that you feel accomplished, confident and energized leaving school at the end of the day.


Looking to infuse loose parts play in your classroom but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Join Marissa for a step-by-step guide to help navigate the ins and outs of all things loose parts. We’ll cover where to source materials, building your collection on a budget, storage solutions, structuring a story workshop block, ideas for different grade levels and so much more. Whether you’re brand new to loose parts or just want to learn some tips and tricks, you’ll leave knowing that you can confidently use loose parts in your classroom.   


We know that students need to move their bodies throughout the day in order to be healthy and effective learners. Join Nicole to learn simple and easy ways to incorporate dance and movement into your classroom! You will gain ready-to-go movement activities and ideas for using dance to foster skills in all areas of your program, including literacy and math. If you already love to dance and move with your students, this workshop will give you new and fun ways to bring screen-free movement into your busy classroom. If you feel like you have two left feet and no sense of rhythm, then this workshop will give you the confidence and tools you need to experience the joy of dance with your students!

Nicole + Sydney

Have you ever been having a bad day, felt isolated or alone, and the only person to turn to was a 6 year old? We sure have! Fortunately, this all changed when we jumped into the world of team teaching. Our workshop will take you through the who, what, when, where, why, and how of team teaching, and is meant for both new and experienced teachers looking to add collaboration into their practice and classroom. We’re excited to share our journey with you and hope this workshop inspires you to consider adding an educator bestie into your life!


Struggling with keeping all of those digital files organized in one space? Spending too much time rummaging through files and folders searching for that ONE resource? Transform your digital space from a dumping ground to your very own digital filing cabinet! In this workshop you will learn a few go-to tips and tricks for keeping your resources organized (digitally that is). Whether it be using OneDrive™, Google Drive™, or your desktop, this workshop will make it easier to navigate through your digital content, saving you time searching through your files. This workshop touches on folder creation, colour coding & renaming files while taking an in depth look at creating shortcuts and categorizing content based on your specific needs. 


Have you heard of playdough and sensory play in the classroom? Are you interested in bringing it to your student’s learning experiences but not sure where to start or what to use? Come join Sarah from Little Birds At Play for her second presentation at Camp Kinder Weekend for more ideas and information on the whys of playdough and sensory learning in the classroom or home, examples of kids learning through playdough and sensory play, organization tricks, where to source items, and safety tips. You will be ready at the end of Sarah’s presentation to bring playdough and sensory learning to your classroom! 


Through the busy day and challenges that come along with teaching in elementary school it can be easy to get swept up in the same old boring calendar and book reading routine. Regardless of what’s going on, Sarah always has one underlying goal for her whole group instruction: to keep the learning FUN! Join Sarah in learning how to keep carpet time fun through engaging whole group games that foster enjoyable learning (for both students and educators)! 


You read that right! This workshop is all about the tips and tricks you can use to start cooking with your kindie class. Get ready to hear about the benefits, curricular links, and “simple” ways to incorporate cooking into your classroom! Don’t consider yourself a chef? Not a problem! If a five year old can do it, you can do it too! Something didn’t workout? What a great lesson to learn from your mistakes. This is a workshop you don’t want to miss! (Great for kindergarten and primary teachers!)


How do educators encourage students to think like coders without using a computer? In this workshop, you will learn how to use Unplugged coding to foster creative problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and reasoning skills in students. Join Tara for how to start with unplugged coding, practical ideas, games, inexpensive coding kit ideas, and more! We will connect it to assessment, inquiry, and outdoors.


Making learning fun, exciting, engaging and playful in a French Immersion classroom can sometimes feel like more work and less and less inspiring as the year goes on. BUT focussing on process, creativity, and community and by encouraging pretend play and social play in your primary classroom Taryn brings you Projects and Play. Where learning is student-directed, full of choice and celebrates the discovery of the curriculum. The final projects are always unique and focus on the creativity, independence and critical thinking skills of your students, which encourages motivation, confidence and involvement in their learning as part of the learning process. As the teacher, we provide the scaffolding, materials and books, options and varied group sizes so that we are co-learners without all the answers all the time. Which leaves room for us to wonder, play and experiment with our lessons, planning and curriculum. We will cover: what makes this approach the best, how to get started, the mindset of inquiries and project based play, marking and reporting on projects, common classroom materials and resources, subject examples to inspire your own planning, some of my favourite projects and so much more. 


“You need to meet the needs of all your students while making sure each of them feel reflected in their learning… oh and we are giving you 30 students this year.” Good luck!” Does any of this sound familiar? This is the reality for the majority of educators. It is overwhelming and tough. Join Zara as she discusses ways to implement a culturally responsive pedagogy in kindergarten and how to ensure your students feel represented in their learning environment. She will provide strategies that work in her own classroom that you can take with you and use in your own teaching.



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So let's hangout at camp!

You’ve had a tough time in the classroom lately. Teaching has been challenging, and it’s been hard to keep up. But it’s not too late to reignite your love for teaching and take back control of your classroom.

That’s why we created Camp Kinder – a virtual conference designed to help Canadian educators connect, learn, and play. With 30 workshops led by passionate educators from across the country, you’ll have the opportunity to learn practical strategies and tools that will help you improve your classroom experience for both you and your students.

But Camp Kinder isn’t just about the workshops – it’s about the community. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with educators from across the country who understand what you’re going through and are there to offer support and inspiration. You’ll build lasting friendships with like-minded people who are just as passionate about teaching as you are.

And let’s not forget about the fun! Our weekend of live events, giveaways, and games is sure to put a smile on your face and help you relax and unwind after a challenging year.

Don’t let another year go by without investing in your own professional development and well-being. Join us at Camp Kinder and take the first step towards falling back in love with teaching. You won’t regret it – and who knows, you might even make some forever friends along the way.

Have a question about Camp Kinder?

Most local unions have funds you can access for PD opportunities. At the end of the conference you will be given a certificate of completion that you can submit with your receipt. Please check with your individual local or school board for full criteria to see if Camp Kinder applies.

Yes! Everyone is welcome. Out of the 30 sessions, only a handful have a true “kindergarten” focus so you will have plenty of amazing workshops to choose from! The truth is we just love the name Camp Kinder so much we didn’t want to change it.

Camp Kinder workshops open on July 21st with 10 released on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. Included in your registration is access to Camp Kinder until July 28th! Need more time? Awesome! Select the extended pass at checkout and you will be able to access everything for the year!

Totally! All of the workshops will be pre-recorded. The lives are a place to have fun and connect, but you can chat and bond with presenters and other campers in our community Facebook group. You can watch the replays of all the live events after they have been uploaded! 

Yes! Camp Kinder is an excellent addition to your teaching portfolio or resume. You will be granted a certificate at the end of the weekend that you can print out and include in your files. 

We have a balance of educators presenting who teach in French and in English. While the workshops will be offered in English, the content will be applicable to kindergarten educators regardless of language of instruction. *The exception being Amy and Kelly’s workshops which have a French focus.

All of them! Unlike in person PD, you don’t need to pick and choose your workshops! Your registration fee includes access until July 28th and then you can extend to a monthly park pass.

Welcome! We Canadians are very friendly and would love to welcome you to camp. The presenter team is 100% Canadian, but we won’t be referencing specific curriculum or programs since they vary province to province. Check out the workshop descriptions and if you are interested in them, please join us!

First of all, KUDOS for showing such passion and interest in your field all ready. The education world is SO lucky to have you. You are more than welcome to attend- and we offer a student discount. Send an email to with proof of enrolment and she’ll give you our student discount code. See you at Camp!!

If at any point before July 2oth you feel Camp Kinder is no longer a fit for you we will issue you a full discount- no questions asked. Due to the nature of the conference, once the content is live we will be unable to issue refunds.

© A Playful Purpose: Learning for Littles Inc. 2023